Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have a confession: I don’t really like to read fiction anymore.  My life is too real to read anything that isn't.  When I would read fiction, it was usually a let down at the end because there is no Hogwarts, or prince charming, or dragon to battle.  My escape ended.  I was back where I was: the real world.  I recently read Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants and now Michael J. Fox’s Always Looking Up.  These books have been insightful into a celebrity’s world.  These people who are idolized and idealized are just that, people.  Not only that, but people with struggles.  Tina Fey struggles as a working mom and Michael J. Fox struggles with Parkinson’s Disease, an  incurable disease, as of right now.

These books have enlightened me and inspired me.  I want to help Parkinson’s.  I want to help other Disease Research Foundations.  I want to write.  If someone such as Tina Fey or Michael J. Fox, who aren't well known for their written works, can write a book than so can I. Granted, they still have many connections through wealth and hard work; however, that doesn't deter me.  I have been feeling this way for about a year but I still toss ideas around and don’t know if I can really fill a whole book with ME.  So, this new blog is my start.  My ideas that I want to put out to the world and see what comes back. I may write book reviews, or musings such as this, but whatever it is, I hope to gain more confidence in myself as a writer and future author.